Shandon Drainage Study and Infrastructure Improvements


The City of Columbia


  • Civil Engineering
  • Surveying

Key Details

  • 25M Project Budget
  • Comprehensive stormwater plan for over 800 acres of downtown neighborhoods.

Cox and Dinkins has been retained by the City of Columbia for the Shandon Drainage project to address flooding issues during large storm events in the Shandon neighborhood north of Rosewood Drive.  Due to the expansion of residential footprints and hardscapes, the amount of storm runoff generated is beyond the capacity of what the aging infrastructure was initially designed to receive.  Cox and Dinkins utilized XP-SWMM software to create a comprehensive model of both underground infrastructure and above-ground topography.  The study analyzed dozens of design storm events and enabled our engineers to propose improvements to the City of Columbia to help mitigate the neighborhood’s capacity issues.

This study also analyzed storm drainage improvements in the Rosewood neighborhood to ensure that the improvements in Shandon did not just move the capacity issues downstream.

Once the study was completed, Cox and Dinkins was retained by the City to design the proposed improvements.  Construction is expected to begin within a few years and take several years to complete.

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